.338 250gn BTHP Match Hornady BC?

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    Jan 10, 2009
    Hi guys

    Just had a look at the last batch of 250 grain Hornady BTHP match projectiles that I got. Interesting that they were in the older style box. The new style box that I bought recently in has a gloss finish with different text etc. The part number is the same though. #33361

    Being a curious sort of bloke, I compared a few of the bullets from the old style packet against some from the new style packet.
    Opps, they are a different shape!!!!! The old style box has bullets that seem to have more of a secant Ogive while the new ones seem to have more of a tangent Ogive. This will result in a different B.C. and I would say that they will not be interchangeable for long range work.

    Has any one else found this and what is the estimated BC of the old packaged Hornady pills? Both are streamlined but have different shapes.