338 225 nab end results


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Jun 1, 2004
Worland, Wyoming
I just got done with a whitetail hunt and tried to do a little bullet testing, but wasn't successful in recovering a bullet. Tried a frontal head on shot on a doe, with bullet place between the front shoulders and the bullet just created a huge wound channel blowing out an 8 inch section of hide behind the neck but exiting the hide about 12 inches beyond in tact. Bullet performance in the other two kills was identical. No evididence of the bullet blowing up, just massive wound channels with very little blood shot and instant kills with all three deer. I also had similar experiences this year with a 5 point bull elk. So, while I was worried about these bullets doing their job, I think they are just fine.
What was the distance?? How it opens at low velocity (long range) is what I would be interested in.
These were fairly short shots, ranging from 125 to 300 yards, but my main concern was bullet integrity at high velocity. These bullets have done a very good job at longer ranges, but I was getting concerned about possible bullet failure in close shots in the event of a self defense shot on GRIZ.
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