230gr Berger Hybrid Target end results....


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May 29, 2011
Just finished up my UT mule deer hunt - tried to get one over 1k, but it was not meant to be this year!

Shot a nice 4x4 muley @ 200 yards on the nose on the last day of the hunt. I could not be happier with the performance of the new 230gr Berger Hybrid Target bullet. I was worried about shooting a deer closer than 500 yards with this bullit in fear of it not expanding. The deer gave me a clean 1/4ing to me faced down hill shot so I gave it to him just behind the shoulder. I had plently of room to give him another shot if the first shot failed. He jumped at the shot and ran 20 yards and killed over. As you can see from the pictures the bullet did it's job! The bullet exited in 4 separate holes in a 4" area - found fragments of the bullet in the rib cage and hide.....

Gun stats: 300 RUM, 30" tube, 230 Berger Hybrid Target, 86.1gr H1000 @ 3060fps...


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Nice buck. Sorry you didn't get a longer shot though.

Like you, I have a 300RUM but I've been shooting the 208Amax in mine. Have been considering shooting a heavier bullet but it's tough to leave a known performer that shoots so fast. I considered the 230 but the loss of velocity vs. the 208 wasn't worth it. It's all a long way to say, have you looked at the 215hybrid? You get the BC AND the speed AND performance on game...

When I started with the RUM it was with the 210. When I started to hit 1k and the 230 came out I decided to test them side by side. I found that the 230 hit alot harder and had less wind deflection than the 210, so I switched. Since then I have moved out to a mile with my shooting, and at that distance I feel that the 230 kicks both the 215 and 210's rearend - It carries velocity and energy better at that range. There will be people that tell me I'm full of it, but it's just pure physics. Maybe I'll order a box of 215's and see what they'll do at 1750, I like a challenge!
Amazing speed out of 86.1gn H1000 and the 230. Great results. Thanks for posting. Nice buck too. What more could you ask for!
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