30mm vs One Inch tubes


Feb 23, 2002
Washington State
First..new here and I have the deepest regards and respect for any of you who have accomplished and polished this SKILL. I truly admire what you can do and with the highest sense of responsibility.
My question is simple what is the biggest advantage to using 30mm over 1" tube. I know the 30 will probably gather a bit more light and may be stronger..but beyond that, then what?
I have read other posts on other sites (negative comments) and frankly it does not surprise me. I have been a taxidermist for over 30 years and it still amazes me that a lot of hunters stil cannot cape their trophies and not able to recognize good work or tell the difference (think the same thing applies to LRH vs those that can't or won't). I don't consider myself a dyed in the wool LRH, yet, but have taken a couple of deer in Montana that were farther than the average hunter I think. I had a good ole .264 and practiced with it constantly at 600 yards (was as long as I could find), with lupy 3.5X10. I didn't hunt LR specifically, but if the opportunity arose and the animal was one that I wanted and I could not get closer, then I was CONFIDENT to do it. The longest was a good mulie that now hangs on my wall. And I'm danged proud of it. Tasted good too! Took that buck 18 years ago. Sorry to camo the question in all my rehetoric but I just had to say something about it.
It is a common myth that a 30mm tube allows for the transmission of more light. All else being equal, the single most important factor in light transmission is the size of the objective lens (aperture). The quality of lenses and coatings are, of course, of paramount importance. The objective lens concentrates light into a small bundle. It doesn't matter if this small bundle travels through a 30mm tube or 1 inch tube as long as no part of the scope (lenses notwithstanding) encroaches into any part of it. The best example I can think of to illustrate this is your basic astronomical telescope. These may have a 200 inch aperture (objective lens or mirror), yet the light is concentrated and comes out of a tiny little eyepiece in a bundle only 4 or 5 millimeters in diameter.
Okay, got all that. If this scope is a Leup, say 6.5x20 with 40mm lens, and on a .243, do I have enough UP to what range,everything else being equal.
Donnie.A 243 shooting a 100gr bullet with a B.C. of .425 at 3000fps would take somewhere around 48 .25 inch click's if you were zeroed at 100 yard's to be on at 600 yard's.If you are running out of up click's.Burris make's a real nice ring that has plastic offset insert's.I have a set on my stw along with a leoupold long range one piece base and I get enough click's out of a one inch tube 6.5 TO 20 Nikon Monarch to get me to 1375......
Thanks Boyd, I appreciate all the info I can get. I'm gonna try and "up" my expertise in all of this and forgive me if I may ask some seemingly dumb question(s) along the way. I appeciate it!

I have to ask this as I see you are from Pa. About l989 or so my brother and me were hunting Montana, in the McGregor Lakes area and staying at a place called the "Saddle Tramp INN". We were all there hunting Whitetails and there were three guys from PA who were LRH's. We never spoke much to them but did run into them (and their set-up) Talked a bit with them and they were overlooking a downhill clear-cut to about 1200 yds or so. No chance that might have been you..if not maybe somebody else reading this might remember being there. Very unusual back then..me thinks.
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