1" vs. 30mm ..?

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. I'm sure this has been covered somewhere in here but I didn't see it anywhere..
.. A decent deal has come up on a Leupold 8.5-25x40 1" target scope.. I need a scope for my long rifle.. Is there any real disadvantage to the 1" version.?? Rifle is for plinking out to around 1K.. Thanks.. d:^) JiNC
30mm tubes give you more elevation...if using a 8-25 I would assume you will need alot of elevation for long range targets. Figure out what you need and see if the leupy has it.
.. I need around 21 MOA at 1K.. Leupold kindly discontinued carrying specs on their older scopes.. I have no idea how much elevation it has.. If it were near, I s'pose I could crank-n-count.. But that option's not available right now..
.. I was really referring to 1" scopes in general.. I know the 30mm's have more adjustment but is it really needed for work 1K and below.? Thanks.. d:^) JiNC
Jake, If its a decent deal go for it. If need be you can pick up a set of burris sig. rings with the inserts for around $50. Those will get you to 1K with no problem.

1" tube shouldn't be a problem on any scope with quality optics in it. Just my opinion.

I think that scope has 72" of verticle travel, but as chris said if you dont have enough to get to 1k get the burris rings they can give up to 40" of verticle.
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The old varix-III 30mm had 72" of travel, no matter if it is a 6.5x20 or a 8.5x25.

The new VXIII 30mm LRT is now listed at 65"....both models.
I guess I shoulda looked before, just got a LRT VXIII 8.5X25. And just in my opinion at 20x between that and my 6.5x20 LRT, Looks the same.

Anyway following those same lines of thought. The old Vari-X III 6.5X20 1 inch has 44". So I would bet that the 1" 8.5X25 does as well. It still has the 1/4" clicks. It isn't until you get a high power scope with 1/8" clicks that the adjustment range goes down in the 20's.
..Shot the Leupold at 1K today.. It's sitting on a Farrell 20° base.. I had plenty of adjustment range left for extending beyond 1K.. Thanks..! d:^) JiNC
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