308 win .... which cartridge for Hunting


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Nov 4, 2003
South central Montana
I'm wanting to use my 308win model 700ADL for Elk hunting out to 300 yards, I don't feel there is enough energy for a clean kill past this range. I'm not loading my own ammo yet. The rifle is accurized and shoots .5 moa with 168 SMK. At the range yesterday tried 3 differant Federal Premium cartridges. 165g bear claw, 165g Sierra Gameking, and 180g Nosler HE. This rifle has a 20" barrel and shot the best groups with the 180g nosler High Energy (2740fps-24" barrel) trouble is I cannot find this cartridge anywhere in town and need it by next weekend. I can find the Fed Prem 180 Nosler .... but not the HE! this round is 2620fps in 24" barrel.

Any Suggestions?
.308's are plenty capable, using a premium bullet. One of my boys put a 1 shot kill on a buffalo at 200 yds using 168 gr barnes TSX's a few weeks ago. With the Partitions, keep withing your range limit & make a good shot & you'll be fine.
The Noslers will work fine, even tho they are not from the HE box. The Trophy Bonded rounds would also be excellent for elk.
From a 100 yard zero your drop will be about one foot at 300 yards, less if you zero a couple of inches high at 100. Put the crosshairs where you want to hit out to 200 (center of chest) and just below the backline for 300.
Good luck on your elk hunt.
Check out the Norma 180 ORYX.I get 2650fps out of my 22" bull barrel and the bullet is more than enough at that range.You can use the online ballistic interactive ballistic tables and plug in your own figures or scroll thru theirs.Move your mouse over the ballistics and click on it,the others in metric measurments.. Good Luck with the hunt.
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Oryx is very good, my favourite 30 cal moose bullet. Got a few moose with a 30-06 180 and 160 (???) Oryx (yep,factory rounds) but I limit my shots to about 200 yards because I come from 9.3x62 and 45-70 world... I like bigger bullets. The -06 Sako is retired and replaced by a 338 Lapua TRG-S now.

If they shoot accurate in your rifle they are great for Elk,broadside lungshots recommended. Not too close though,I remember one large bull at 15 yards, he ran for about half a mile after a perfect lung shot. That´s when I started doing neckshots from close distance.

Good luck!
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