308 Win Long Range Rifle


Dec 14, 2009
With a budget of $2000 am looking for a beginners Long Range Rifle in this caliber. Am considering a Rem 700 Tactical Target Rifle or a Rem 700SS Milspec-both w/5R type M24 rifling.Could use some good opinions from you experts. I am a beginner at Long Range Shooting but an old timer at pistol shooting and reloading/swaging. Thanks
I don't have a lot of experience with long range hunting yet but I have shot my .308 at 1,000 yds many times punching paper. The longest shot at an animal with my .308 has been 400 yds. I like the .308 and still use it around here to hunt white tail. After doing the research and reading on this site and others I have decided to go with the 7WSM and the .338 Lapua for long range hunting. I'm still waiting on those guns. I guess it depends on how far you plan to shoot. I feel comfortable hunting with my .308 out to 500 yds at this point but I'd like to have farther reach than that. Just my two cents. I'm not an expert here. Much of this seems to be individual tastes and interests. You came to the right place for advise though.

+1 on the 5R.they are a good rifel for the money.and you can run factory match or a good reload.they give 1/2 inch groups out of the box.and clean up fast or at least mine does.and with a good 20 moa base and scope you can save money.but if you want it to really look and perform really good I would go with a Sitron III.the glass and tracking is just as good as a Nightforce.but alot cheeper.and if you choose to load for it that is a breeze you can make a really good load.heck they all like a 175g smk push by 44g of varget.or a 168g with 45g of varget.and at a 2.800 SAMMI spec.but this is just my opinion.or you could go with one in a 300wm.
I am also an advocate of the 700 SS 5R. Cant beat the accuracy for the price.

If you can live without the SS the 700 308PSS is another tough 308 to beat and utilizes a full 26" barrel which for me, is where it is at for LR 308 shooting. The physical velocity gain is only about 40-50 FPS at best. The practical velocity gain where the accuracy is at between the 24 inch barrel and the 26" barrel is 150-200 FPS. Either way, both will get you to the 1K mark with the right bullets.

Making A Case For The 308 Winchester
Several years ago bought a 308 Rem 24" barrel and has gone hunting
varmints as will deer pronghorn and deer.
The 308 shoots a sub min at 100 shoots the same to 1000yds has gone through
a couple of boys shooting long range and still shoots and still has a submin..
Barrel life has shot over 3000 plus bullets still goes to matches shooting
a 175gr smk with varget... Hunts with a 165gr
Rifle today still under 1000 dallars and a Good Leupold 4.5 X 14
with windage and elevation knobs still under a 1000 dallars you have a choice..........
Now the 300 win will not give you long barrel life and brass life yes they do shoot.....
so for a Long Range Tactical Rifle Rem is a choice and several others to follow........
If that $2000 includes glass, my opinion would be to look at a Savage rifle.
Something like this Savage Arms Firearms > 10 FLCP-K
Would give you an excellent shooter. Take the money you save and get better glass out front. If you decide to upgrade, the Savage action is the AR of bolt rifles and you can have a completely upgrade and reconfigure with a few tools in a few minutes.
Not intending to start a raging debate with this one but I would say that the difference in accuracy between a Savage and a Remington straight from the factory is negligible to say the least. Both can be accurized and both are proven shooters that will suit your needs. If you're looking for a setup with the best performance to value out of a factory rifle I'd say go money heavy on the glass side. The performance you will gain (if any) spending extra on the factory rifle isn't worth it compared to the performance gain to be had taking that money you would have spent and investing in a better scope. Let the shelling commence!:D
Just my .02. Best of luck and welcome to the club!
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