Ultimate .308 caliber long range hunting rifle


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Sep 7, 2006
Ok guys, I'm interested in what all of your ideas and specs would be for the ultimate .308 caliber long range rifle. This rifle would be used for deer, elk, etc out as far as you wanted (pretty much). So give me your ideal cartridge, stock, action, barrel specs, trigger, scope, mounts, accesories, heck even tell me the colors you'd choose.

It's time to dream here guys, so no holds barred.


here are my 308 caliber long range goods....left 308 winchester I've shot out to 1450 yards and 300 ultramag. I've connected at 1610 yards on a prairie dog and 2000 yards on targets.
Ultramag....... Nesikia bay action,Mcmillan 1000 yard prone stock, jewel trigger, Chanlynn barrel, RND brake. RND rings 26 minutes built in. Bruce Beir custom 40minute scopebase. Leupold mark 4 scope boosted to 35x.shoots 220 grainers SMK 3150 fps.
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30-378 Weatherby is my long range .308 caliber go to cartridge. Factory chambered. No custom dies needed. No fireforming brass. Brass made by Norma.

Mine is an Accumark with 20 MOA EGW bases topped off with a Leupold 35X Competition series scope. Currently sits atop a cheap WalMart bipod, I didn't want to drop a bunch of money on a bipod and decide to go back to sandbags.

I like Retumbo and Berger VLDs for paper but want to work up some Barnes loads for hunting (used TSXs in my AR10 for Wisconsin whitetail in '07 and that is all I will use in that rifle for hunting from now on).

300 RUM or 338 Laupa based case with a 30" 5R tube witha 5.5X22X50 NXS scope shooting 265 Grain Wildcat rebated boatail bullet around 3000 FPS...
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265 gr wildcats at 0 FPS you mean? I wouldn't lead someone to plan on a bullet that's not available.
Probably the 30-378 Wby is about the most extreme of the 30 calibers and is capable of killing elk to very close to 2K. This would be with a 30 inch barrel or perhaps 34 inches.

I was originally going to build one but decided to get a 7mm Allen Mag instead. With the 200 grain Wildcat bullet it will come close to the 30-378 ballistics. I am pleased with the 7AM and have no regrets.

The Nesika M single shot action is very nice. The Lilja barrel is accurate. The big 8-32X 56 mm Nightforce is very good for the extreme ranges in low light.
265 gr wildcats at 0 FPS you mean? I wouldn't lead someone to plan on a bullet that's not available.

No I mean around 3000 FPS... I have 1000 of them sitting here right now... That should hold me for a while and if I can't get any more there is always the 240 grain SMKs
Another vote for the 30-378! I took the action, barrel and brake to the smith today. Should be back relatively soon. Next off to McMillan to have the stock bedded. Then time to go shooting!!!!
My pick for best bang for the buck is a M700 Sendero chambered in 300RUM. The bonus is when you burn the barrel, the action is a perfect candidate for the 338 Edge.

I have had my Sendero 300 RUM for several years and it shoot's 180 Accubonds into 1/2 MOA at over 3300 fps. It's a flat shooter, no question. I am currently testing 208 Amax and 200 Accubonds, with early results being very, very promising. After that, it will become a 338 Edge.


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This is my idea:

APS Raptor receiver(still in developement unfortunately)
20 moa rail base
Lilja 1-8, 6 groove #8 contour, 3/8" heavy flutes
Jewell trigger
HS Precision DM system
APS PK muzzle brake
McMillan A5 Adjustable CP stock
NF NXS 5.5-22x 50mm NP-R1

I am getting ready to take this rifle to Oklahoma on an exotic hunt for Axis, Oryx and possibly Aoudad or Corsican sheep.

As it will be much warmer there then here, I toned my load back to make sure it will be comfortable in the warmer temps in OK. This rifle will do 3250 fps with the 240 gr SMK but I have pulled the throttle back to 3140 fps with the same bullet using 96.0 gr Retumbo and a CCI-250 primer. OAL is 3.555" which is very short but the rifle is set up for the aluminum tipped wildcat bullets when they become available with a jacket that can handle the strains of the 300 AX.



This rifle started out with a DE four port brake but now wears one of my own new "Painkiller" muzzle brakes.


That would be my idea of the ultimate long range big game hunting 30 cal rifle. I also substituted the Burris Xtreme Tactical rings with a set of 0.885" tall NF Ultralight rings.

My only complaint about the 30 cal is that it has really been left behind as far as high BC bullet selection goes. The best commerical bullets out there for the 30 cals will get you only 0.710 and thats the 240 gr SMK. There are a host of 200 to 210 gr bullets that will get you in the 0.590 to 0.640 range but thats it as far as expanding bullets.

The Wildcat bullets will be a big boost to this but we really need a legit big game bullet in the 210-215 gr bullet weight with a BC in the .8 to .85 range. With modern bullet designs, this is certainly possible and practical but appearantly there is not enough interest.

The 300 is by far the most popular american caliber but in performance, the 7mm can match it in BC and outperform them in velocity in many applications and the 338 has higher BC bullets and do not give up alot in velocity. Plus they have the advantage of longer barrel life and more autority on heavier game at long range.

With the right bullets the 30 cals could come into their own but for now, the big 7mms and 338s simply are better choices for long range shooting in my opinion but all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Good topic. DO the 338 next and I will have another earful to offer!!!:D

Kirby Allen(50)
Kirby, that rifle looks great. I'd start the 338 thread but that might setup two different camps to start in. Might be entertaining though to see everyones thoughts between the AM and Edge.
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