308 190gr????

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  1. sierra28

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    Mar 4, 2014
    New to the forum, not so much for long range shooting. Military trained, current LE marksman--308 shooter.

    Why is everyone down on the 190 for LR applications in the 308? I understand the necessity to stay supersonic, but all the calculators I've played with keep the 190 above the line out to 1000. It's close, but it's there. Mind you, I've only studied this in theory, not in practice yet. I intend to work up a load and test it soon--spring. Would like to hear from the experience on this site. Thanks
  2. emn83

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    Feb 11, 2012
    308 is fine for paper at 1k.....but you arent going to have the1800 fps Berger recomends for expansion at that distance.

    I shoot 308 for competition and hunting.....I personally won't shoot over 700 for huntinh... But thats me my gear, and my skill level....other people have different limits, higher and lower
  3. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001

    Nothing wrong with the .308 and 190's. Not sure it's the best marriage for LR application's. I haven't recently shot the .308, but from my past experience (years ago), and some quick calculating, you're barely "squeeking" by at 1K, if that.

    According to JBM, with a MV of 2800fps (not likely), BC of .533 (G1 - 190gn SMK) @ 1000yds you're running 1328fps w/744ft-lbs. That would be supersonic, but can you push the 190 to 2800fps with a .308? There are better vehicles for getting somewhere faster. Just "my" opinion and not of eveyone here. Some guys here love the .308Win.

    I had a accurate .308 years ago, shot it a lot, but then I climbed on a .300WinMag. I'm not saying it's the holy grail, but compared to the .308. I'll probably never go back to the .308 Winchester again, but that's the beauty of having so many cartridges available to us. To each his own, right? JohnnyK.
  4. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    The 190 stays well above supersonic at 1K at sealevel in 0 degree air. Then again, I run my 190s at 2650-2750'sec. AT 5000' and 60 degrees they can deliver right at 1000# of energy at 1K.

    Its a great combo. No you cant reach 1800'sec at 1K with any 190 at 308 velocities but the ALR will solve that problem with a much lower requirement for expansion.