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Oct 18, 2012
Rapid City SD
I just bought a used savage 14 in 300wsm and a leupold vx3 4.5-14x40LR scope.
The rifle is supposed to arrive this weekend and I want to build a long range rifle that will use the 300wsm to its full potential. I have never built a rifle before and I am on a budget so it will be a process. I have $600 now and would like to know in what order I should upgrade parts for the best gains in accuracy. I would guess the best gain would be to change the Barrel first? What barrel Shilen, Douglas is there another good affordable barrel maker? What profile? Shilen has varmint s7 = .85" at muzzle and bull which is 1" at muzzle. This rifle will spend most of its life in the prone shooting position so weight is not the issue. What twist rate for long range 1in 10"?
With the barrel should I upgrade the recoil lug from 1/8" to 1/4"?
What about a muzzle brake? Who makes a good one?
What stock would you recommend?
What bases and rings? Are the twist in Leupold's accurate? Should I keep them?
Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Yes, change the barrel and recoil lug first. I would probably get a Shilen or Criterion from Jim Briggs as well as one of his recoil lugs. I prefer the Savage varmint contour, it's plenty thick out to 30" or so. There isn't much advantage going to a bull contour. +/- $300

Next, I would get a good stock. This will be a personal choice for you. Stockade makes great stocks for Savages. I love my Pdog/Tactical. Choate makes one similar, but I hear it is very heavy. $150-$300.

I would use a Weaver Tactical 1 piece base (20moa). They are fairly low, made in the USA, and only about $30. EGW would be my second choice for a 1 piece. Burris Xtreme bases for a 2 piece. The only rings I use are Burris Signature Zee's. They are very strong, protect the scope from ring marks, and the inserts can be used to center windage or to gain additional MOA. You'll be in about $75 or so here.

Ross Schuler makes and installs the best muzzle brakes for the money. Period. I wouldn't look anywhere else. Install your barrel, mark TDC at the muzzle, and send it to Ross. http://home.comcast.net/~MOA_Shooters/RossMuzzleBrakes.htm

Your Leupold scope will work just fine. The glass and mechanicals are good.

At some point in the future, you may want to upgrade from the accutrigger. There are only two good upgrades. The SSS competition trigger and the Rifle Basix SAV-2. So far, no other triggers compare. The Timney and the Basix SAV-1's are not much improvement over the factory trigger.
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