3006 Howa 1500: Reloads.

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Muzzle velocity please:
    I live in South Africa and therefore do not use the same powder as available in the US, therefore cannot use your advice on powder vs bullet gn - but need advice on best muzzle velocity for accuracy on:
    Howa 1500 synthetic stock 3006,
    Barrel: 1 in 10” twist,
    Barrel length: 20”,

    for 168gn boat tail bullets.

    (All testing done at 100xmeters)
    I started testing 155gn Sierra Comp bullets, but it produces flyers,
    I have already tried 175gn Sierra Comp bullets and got it down to 5x shot 12mm(I do not understand your inches thing - sorry) grouping,
    180gn gives me no grouping worth mentioning to anyone alive, so it stand to reason that going over 180gn is no option.
    Due to the different powders available between US & SA my only option is to test at Muzzle velocity.

    All help welcome.