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Jan 10, 2010
So. Utah
Wondering if any of you have had experience with the Howa 1500/Hogue rifle. I am looking at a 300 Win mag and have limited experience here. May I note that this will not likely be a long range rifle, but more of an mid range rifle out to 600 or so. Truth be told most shots will be held to within 300 yards.

What kind of precision are you getting? I've been told their tolerances are tight. I am grateful for any help provided.
Price aside they are great. Add in price and they are fantastic!

I have worked up loads on many of these right out of the box and it is really hard to not find a shooter and when I say shooter I mean MOA or less with no work on the gun. In stock configuration the magnum cartridges come with a 24 inch barrel which is a nice blend of carry size and barrel length to get sufficient velocity. For your intended purpose it is perfect.

I haven't played with their new trigger yet but from what I have heard it is good.

Scot E.
I ditto what Scot said. Had mine for about 4 years, its a 22-250, and it's been super accurate. I did adjust the trigger a little, but other than that, its stock. I've got the Nikko Sterling scope that came on it still and thought I'd replace it, but it's really a pretty good scope. My bro-in-law got the lighten action version that comes in a youth/adult stock combo in 243 and it's a great shooter too. I have played with the new trigger (HACT) on the Howa and on it's close cousin, the Vanguard S2 and I liked it a lot.

As to precision...I was getting some loads well under .5" at 100 but they were not as fast as I wanted for yotes, so I settled for one that's pretty hot and around .75" if I do my part.

Anyway, let us know what you do.
Are these particular hogue stocks those that have the metal pillars embedded? They feel good action wise. So far I'm pretty interested. I would like to get just a touch more info before I decide.
If you are buying new, then yes, they will have the aluminum bed. Some of the older models don't. Not sure what year they changed that.

Scot E.
To my knowledge all the hogue models have the pillars. They did make some basic plastic stock model (not labeled "hogue" that didn't have any piller, etc. bedding)...but I don't think you'll find those new anymore. I haven't seen them for at least two years.
The Howa/Hogue I have came with the pillar only stock, no aluminum block, purchased new last spring. I never shot the factory(308) barrel, brought it home and turned it into a 6BRX. The firing pin and hole in the bolt face are large and not a very close fit, it likes to blank primers. The screw for the bolt stop/release is poorly designed, mine broke the afternoon it came home. Otherwise no complaints and I'll bush the firing pin and be careful with the bolt release in the future. The Howa/Vanguards are my new favorite "cheap" rifle.
I am impressed with the accuracy of my Howa 1500 .270. The one thing I don't care for is the weight. It gets heavy carrying it elk hunting up in the mountains, and if I can't figure out how to lighten it up, I may have to eventually trade it off. I have one with the camo stock and camo barrel. The barrel has a coating that makes it weather impervious. I can attest to that as I just finished up elk season and was out in wet snow for several days. At the end of the day, I dried off my daughter's Tikka T3, and was shocked to discover surface rust (13 hrs out in the field in the snow). I had to work hard to clean up her gun, which I love because of it's light weight and accuracy. My Howa was just fine. I dried it off and wiped it with gun oil just to let the old gal know I cared... It is really accurate, but just a little too heavy for this 52 yr old gal!
(Necro bump) New here, but I'm happy with mine. Shoots well, trigger could be better but isn't bad, very rugged. Mine's a 30-06, not sure why they chose the 22" versus the 24" they make for Weatherby.
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