.300 WSM brass questions

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by toyonrocks, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Jul 16, 2011
    So this is a 2 part question. I've been reloading FC brass for my .300 WSM because it seems like I can frequently find their cheap 180gn factory stuff. I thought this was a good option cause it seemed to shoot well for just plinking a bit and the cases looked beautiful after 1 trip through the gun. The problem I'm having is it seems like I'm only able to reload the brass 3 or so times before the primer pockets get so loose I feel nervous the primers are gonna fall out.... If that's the case then maybe I need to start collecting a different brass and if so what?? Or is there something I'm doing that's causing the loose pockets? I don't do anything crazy, I've got a Hornady single stage press that I use with RCBS dies. I full length resize everytime I de-cap. Standard corn media, and CCI 250's. Ideas??

    Part 2, just general pet load question.... I've tried a bunch of loads but my Berger 168gn VLD, CCI 250, 66.1gn of h4831 sc seems to pretty consistently produce .65" groups at 100yds. I feel like I should be able to do better and it seems I often get flyers. I'll shoot 5 shot groups and ill get 1 almost everytime that's over an inch from the main group. Is it me? The gun? Is there anything anyone sees that I'm not? The guns a Rem 700 with a custom muzzle break, I adjusted the factory trigger creep out and lightened the pull and use a Vortex Viper scope.
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    Jun 20, 2009
    Do you have a factory barrel ? How long are you waiting befor each shot ? I have seen factory Barrels on 7mm Mag, 300 Mag's around the 4 th and 5th shot throw it out from 1-3 shots . If you are shooting 1-5 like this, shoot set up and shoot with about 3 minutes between shots I would just about bet that you could tightin your group up if u let your barrel cool between shots (If it is a factory barrel.) When I had a factory barrel on my 300 I would shoot and let it cool then I would feel the barrel and if it was not warm to the touch then I would send a shot down range . I finally figured out that the barrel was still not completely cooled off even if it felt cool to the touch . It sucked waiting between each shot , thats why I went with a custom Barrel . Good Luck .
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    I will take a shot at question number one, it seems that bigbuck has given you some things to think about on question number two.

    There are at least two reason for the loose primer pockets. First, Federal brass in some of the softest out there, and this can be the reason for the loose primer pockets. Second, hot loads stretch the brass and this leads to problems, so you are probably experiencing either one of the reasons or a combination of both.

    I have used Federal, Winchester, Remington and Norma to load my 300WSM rifles. My opinion is that Norma is the very best. However,it is expensive and harder to come by. I have had good success with Remington brass, and Winchester brass although not as uniform and consistent as the Norma, or Remington will give you more than 2-3 reloads before stretching, unless your loads are too hot.
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    I Prefer Winchester brass to the federal for my 270 wsm. I have experienced the same thing with the primer pockets.