300 RUM reload question....again.

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    Feb 28, 2007
    Hello. I've spent a few hours searching and found most of the answers, but to make this easy, lets leave it at a yes or no answer. I have a factory 300 RUM Sendero ll. I just started reloading and I am completely lost on things like, kissing the shoulder, only half neck size, only partial full length resize, etc.... It seems very easy for me to just full length, trim, etc... and of course checking wall thickness, reaming, etc.. But whether or not to full resize or neck really confuses me. I realize its harder on the brass to always full length, but it seems there is a lot less I have to check and worry about. Besides, what is a bag of brass every year or two. No biggy. If I had a Shilion barrel, McMillian stock, trigger, etc.... well, a custom rifle, then I would for sure be using fire formed brass and doing everything I could to gain the most accuracy as possible, but........

    ......is there "that" big of a difference in a "factory" rifle to go ahead and only neck size and using fire formed cases over using full resized brass? I enjoy shooting out to 7&800 yards, but only on targets. I'm not near good enough or confident enough to take a shot at an animal at that range, but am out to 500 yards. If I were to shoot at extreme long range, then I would be doing everything possible with my brass to gain the most accuracy as possible, so that may answer a few questions from you guys that may be brought up. Like, "are you going to shoot long range, if so, get your brass up to par." Thanks for the help.

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    May be......Sorry thats not a yes or no. When I started loading my own I had the same question. I have found it varies between rifles and it doesn't matter if its factory or custom. I have both and they all prefer something different, you just have to shoot and see. Your rifle should be plenty accurate so don't just think you need a custom. If you are fairly new to setting up a fl die you need a cartridge case guage. I like the wilson guages. Sinclair carries most calibers. You take a fired case drop it in the guage and take a measurement. Size the case and drop it back in the guage. That will tell you how far you set the shoulder back. You want about .002 of shoulder bump. Thats what I do for my custom 300 wsm. My factory 308 likes to be neck sized until a fired case starts to have tension when closing the bolt. I then bump the shoulder back .002 and that is my fl setting that I use from their on. Your rifle will fall somewhere in between. Once you have a good load you can try some different sizing methods to see what your rifle likes best, but that guage will let you know exactly how much you are sizing. Good luck and hope that helps a little.