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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
That's correct! The 300 Sherman PRC S.I. (now officially the 30 SHERMAN MAGNUM) will have reamers available by 1/1/19.
Most of you have likely heard about the performance gains in the Sherman cartridges. The 300 PRC S.I. is no exception and has some really cool added appeal! The S.I. version will allow firing Hornady factory cartridges in your chamber which are properly head spaced (just like the 280 Remington/280 a.i.)
After that, you simply use your Sherman dies and fire formed brass to reload as usual. The difference will be the 225 ELDM will run near 3000 fps in your 26" barrel and have less case stretching.
This is not speculation, I've been shooting one for 4-5 years with modified 375 Ruger Hornady brass. With my 28" barrel, I run the 225 at 3050' and get 3-4 loads on my brass.
For those who already own the 30/375 S.I., I haven't forgotten you. The new reamer will clean up your chamber and actually give a slight boost in performance. This cartridge has proven to be superbly accurate and is a long range hammer on elk. Below is a pic of the 280 Sherman, based on the 270 W case, next to the 300 PRC S.I.
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Can we get a side by side picture of the PRC and the Sherman version?
How much case capacity is gained?
I don't have any PRC brass yet and don't even know if it's out? The round depicted is formed from a 375 Ruger case. I'm not sure what the capacity is on the PRC but mine is About 97 grains of h20 filled. The biggest gain will come from less taper and 40 degree shoulder.
I would guesstimate an increase of around 3 grains?? 97 grain capacity is assuming the new brass is the same as the 375 Ruger? Even so, the gain would be the same.
I believe I saw on Accurate Shooter 300 PRC filled was 100gr and 96gr to neck shoulder
I believe I saw on Accurate Shooter 300 PRC filled was 100gr and 96gr to neck shoulder
If that's true, the brass is far different than the old 375 Ruger brass. Also, that would put my case at over 100. I guess we'll see when the brass comes out??
I hope it doesn't mean the brass is weaker!:(
I’ve got 4 reloads on my 300PRC brass and still tight primer pockets so seems tough enough. When I get a chance will check my volumes.
I have 50 new pieces and 25 of the 4 times fired.
That's very encouraging! Please do check you r volume. I didn't know anyone actually had brass yet. Was it loaded ammo, or just brass?
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