30 cal long range preference....210gr vld Berger or 220gr Match king?

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
I am loading for long range target with my 300 rem ultra mag. I am trying to decide on which to load...210gr Berger VLD or the 220gr Sierra Match king.

I have the Remington Sendero stainless fluted.

any suggestions.

also, I have heard that hunting long range with these gives great results on deer sized game. is this correct?
Hi Dr John,

If it's a 10 twist, (I think it is), mine likes the 240 gr. HPBT Match MatchKing. Part # 9245. My rifle is a .300 RUM improved chamber with a 10 twist Lilja barrel. The 220 gr should work too.

I've never hunted with mine, but talking to a lot of the long range hunters they love the SMK's for hunting.

Good luck!

Frank D

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so far I have been shooting the 190gr match kings. good results.

I have tried to find the 240gr matchkings but only find them in bulk. can you get these in boxes of 100?
Dr John
I would try both the 200 and 220 Sierra Match Kings and see which bullet your gun prefers.I haven't have much luck with the Berger line of bullets in various rifles but others have so they are worth a try.You can buy the 240's in smaller lots from Brunos shooter supply. www.brunoshooters.com
With a 10 twist they may not stabilise without enough velocity in colder climates.
the 216gr clinch river has walked the dog on the SMK's in my 300RUM 30" 1:10.
Off of your subject, but I saw that you had a .458 last year I took the trusty ol 458 deer hunting just to have fun and show my friends what it can do for a ranchers deer depridation hunt.

I didn't chrono any of the loads out of my 26 inch barrel. But they probably exceed 2600 fps. 405 grain Barnes X 82 grains of 4320 cci 250.

Classic 110 yard shot near perfect broadside heart lung shot. I had installed a new 2.8 - 10 power 44 mm scope. I shot it about 20 times on a bench rest sighting it in. My shoulder was a little blue and sore. That's half of the man thing shooting a .458

Anyway I cranked it up to 10X and placed the gun on my jacket across the pickup roof standing in the bed. I pulled the trigger and saw the bullet strike. The Mule deer rippled with the impact and threw it sideways about 10 feet.

@8 inch exit wound, hydro shock 8 inches around that. No heart or lungs left.

Have fun with the .30
I have the same RUM (with a Holland QD, trigger job & semi-blue printing).

I was thinking 150 gr Nozler Ballistic tip - if it doesn't like that, 165, then if that didn't work out 180. Why go all the way to 200+?
I'm actually going to try some .308 cal 125gr Noz BT's, but I'm expecting the 1:10 to overstabalize the bullet.
I'll be deer hunting on my buddies ranch in Mt where 3 pts are ez picking, 4 pts give you 10 seconds at 400yds, and 5 pts give you 5 seconds at 5-7 hundred yards. I won't have time for a range finder.
If I want to go to a heaver bullet, I thought I'd use my 338 RUM

are you using a heavy bullet because of wind?, long range consistency? they give the best groups?
I really like my 458 win. I really love reloading for it. I can load it hot or light like a 45-70. but the best accuracy is with the heavy 500 hornady round nose. off the bench I printed a 3/8" group. not much fun off the bench though. I am from maine and planned on using it on moose. never got picked for a permit. oh well. I do plan on using it for deer though. right now I am in eastern Pennsylvania...shotgun only.

I have always wondered what hitting a deer with a 458 win mag would do.
as for the 300 ultra. I think I will stick with the 220gr. I can't seem to find a box of 100 of the 240gr. everyone stocks the 500 box. so far I checked bruno's and midway. only boxes of 500. too much of a bullet which I don't know how it will perform in my rifle.
Dr. John, they only sell the 240's in 500ct boxes.
Fear not though, the 220's shoot good and will create an exit wound like you've never seen.
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