220gr Match King's in 300 Ultra.

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
220gr Match King\'s in 300 Ultra.

I loaded 100 of these the other day.Ten each with H870.Starting at 101gr up to 105.And 10 each with RL22 starting at 86 with half grain jump's up to 88gr.I shot the 50 with the 870 first.I was shooting both for group's and over my Shooting Chrony for velocity.The best 10 shot group I got with the 870 was just under 3 inches.That was with 103 grain's.Ave velocity was 3113.Not very good.RL22.the best group was with 88gr.10 SHOT'S at 0.65 with an ave of 3102.Belive it or not.I was Very happy with that.The higher I went with the RL22 the better it got.It showed no sign's of pressure.So does any one out there think it would be safe to try another half grain or so.Col is at 3.70 with Fed 215 primer's.Gun is a Rem 700 Sendero with a 26 inch barrel.I dont have Quick Load or any other program to help.Anybody.

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Re: 220gr Match King\'s in 300 Ultra.

Hello Boyd

Hope your enjoying the new rifle as much as you DID your wife.

Anyway, I would stick with the Rl 22 from your 26" barrel. It seems to be working just fine.

If you had a 36 or 37 " barrel I would say stick with the H870 and see what happens to the velocity and the accuracy.

Your accuracy seems fine right now and so does the velocity.

If you don't have the obvious pressure signs, you can venture on up a tad, VERY SLOWLY and see what happens to the accuracy.

Darryl Cassel
Re: 220gr Match King\'s in 300 Ultra.

Thank's Darryl.I just got done priming 50 cases.I only got enough powder for about 20 or so.I gotta run to Phil Millers in the morning to get some more.I want to put a longer barrel on it but it would never be done before hunting season.So the almost 5 pound's of 870 I have is gonna have to stay in the safe for a while.As for enjoying my wife.(We have been together 15 year's).I think you know where I'm going with this.Thank's again.
Re: 220gr Match King\'s in 300 Ultra.

Boyd check your e-mail. I tried reloader no luck either. I switched to ram shot Big Boy and the velocity is up and groups are sub .5 one in the 3's. Still working with it to get the best fps and groups. Remington is having Western powder( ram shot) load some rounds for testing word from western is they are are not happy with reloader 22 . So it looks like they are switching to ram shot for factory loaded rounds in the near furture.
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