.30-378 Wby


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Mar 2, 2002
Central Minnesota
I have read about the Accumark not being accurate because of the freebore will I was at the 100 yard two weeks ago and I had two shots in one hole. Also about the barrel being worn out very quick, well I might have a responce to that. How many shots are you taking before you actually stop? If you heat it up too much you wear out the steel. Because it gets so hot. I highly dout that velocity is wearing out the barrel, if you were to ask me I would say that people are taking too many rounds before they stop. I would never take more than three shots until my barrel cools down. My barrel has had a lot of rounds through it and it will have a lot more through it and my barrel looks just fine.
Just so you know only I'm 17, but I really like the outsoors and shooting. You can tell me to shutup when ever you want if I say something stupid. Thank You for all the info you guys have given me and I hope to see more.


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Jul 27, 2001
On the throat erosion issue, you are correct that sustained fire will over heat the barrel and accelerate wear. However, it is also true that the more powder you burn in a given bore, the faster the erosion. Throat erosion would be visible after 500rds but still may not affect accuracy till later.

Barrel life is a subjective thing. For the 30-378, I would expect to get at least 1000rds of accurate fire before erosion starts to take effect. For the match shooter, this barrel life is quite low. For the average hunter, this would be several lifetimes.

Also the expected accuracy of a target shooter is much higher then a hunter. So even when a barrel is burnt out for a match shooter, it will be "lots" of life left for a hunter.

Enjoy your Accumark. My friend has one and it shoots very well also. When reading posts and opinions, always remember the point of view of the writer and their expectations.

Good luck...



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