30-06 AI


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Dec 2, 2003
I have an opportunity to purchase a 26" ss bbl., very cheap, that has been chambered to 30-06 Ackley Improved to fit my M700. Now the obvious question: What kind of velocity improvement should be expected out of such an addition? I haven't purchased the barrel, but I would like more information regarding it before I make a decision. Thanks
With the lighter bullets you will see a velovity improvement of about 100-200fps out of a 26" tube , it realy starts to shine with the 165gr and up bullets.

I can run mine up to and probably even past 300Win mag factory ammo with 180gr bullets
when you have it set into you action make sure that it is set to the PROPER Ackley head space which will make factory ammo a little snug in the chamber when you close the bolt.
I personaly love the 30-06AI , it gets all the velocity you need and you have a large supply of brass even Lapua.
it'll shine better at 1000yds than the 308 and not beat the hell out of you like the 300Win.
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