.284 Wincherster?/ 7mm WSM

Greg Duerr

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Mar 25, 2011
Reno, Nevada
Does anyone own a .284....................I dont hear much about them. Checking out the data it looks like a great round..............even better than the .280 Remington...........

Does Remington have a 700 action for the 7mm WSM?

Not sure if there is a real need for all that velocity over the .284 or the .280

I like the .284 however im sure it would work better in a long action rather than the short.................

Has anyone owned the .284?



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Jan 30, 2005
I have an f-class gun in 284, 180 bergers max at about 2900-2925 in a 30" barrel.

In a 26" gun you should be able to get 168 bergers or 160 AB to 2950, i would guess.

A very accurate round less finicky than the 6.5x284, longer barrel life and overall better balistics.


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Dec 12, 2005
Tucson Az
I turned my first rifle, a 6mm Rem, Ruger M77 tang safety into a 284 after I wore out the 6mm barrel. Harry Lawson suggested I have his shop install a Rem take off barrel in 7 Rem Mag which would have one inch cut off barrel shank and rechambered in 284 Win. Still glad Harry talked me into it.

That was in 1985. I am on my third 7 mag takeoff now. It was my only rifle for all activities for many years. I killed many elk, coues wt, javelina, coyotes, cottontails and jackrabbits with it. Used every bullet imaginable from the original X bullet in 100 gr and 120 gr, 120, 140 and 150 nos bt, 140, 150 and 160 nos pt, 160 accubond and most recently the 168 Berger hybrid classic hunter.

IMR 4350 was the powder for a couple of decades. Then moved to H4350 which fit better and was more temp stable. Most recent change was to RL-17. Worked with the 150 nos bt and 160 accubond. Found a great year round load with the 150 bt at 3000 fps. Maxed out load with the 160 at 3050 fps. Those bullets were moly coated.

I ran out of loaded ammo right when the new 168 Berger classic hunter showed. It was very friendly and I got it to shoot very well at 3030 fps. Also moly coated.

The Ruger sits in a McMillan lightweight Ruger stock and with scope weighs 7 1/4 lbs. At one point around 8 yrs ago my friend bought a NULA in 7-08 which had the 3" box magazine. I got jealous and had my gunsmith lengthen my Ruger's mag box to 3.1". Incidentally that Ruger never had to have anything done to it to make it feed the 284 except a slight change to the feed ramp. It feeds fast or slow to perfection.

I still use Win brass and have a huge supply. If I were to make a new rifle today I'd buy 6.5-284 Lapua brass instead.

Get one and have a custom reamer made to your specs. I think you will enjoy it. Long barrel life compared to the larger 7mms and very reasonable recoil.