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282x 30cal Sierra 240gr SMK’s


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May 21, 2021
I know I don't have any feedback here but I have feedback on arfcom and northwest firearms that I can verify my identity thru if needed. I bought these off a member on my local forum a few months ago while I was preparing for my new 300 Norma but I'm gonna stick with the 199gr Hammer Hunters for this rifle, so I can let these go if anybody is interested. There's 282x of them all same lot number they are from a 500 count bulk box that they're still sitting in. I haven't used a single one they're exactly how I bought them, nothing wrong with them and they've been well kept and are clean-brand new-ready to seat bullets. They'd be great for shooting steel far or for 300blk subs.

asking $140 FTF (Portland, OR area) or $155 shipped (it'll be heavy) (just under 50cpr if FTF) or trade for Federal 215M's, 6.5mm 143gr eld-x bullets


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