1. MTSLW

    For Sale CZ 550 Varmint Kevlar .308win

    CZ 550 Kevlar Varmint in 308 Win. Comes with the removable cheek rest, Pic rail, and a 10rnd mag. In really good condition doesn't look like it's been fired much. Bought it with the idea of eventually rebarreling, I haven't shot it at all. Asking $1300 or best offer. Might be open to trading...
  2. Bjt308

    SOLD/EXPIRED SMK M5 short action bottom metal DBM

    This Snowy Mountain Rifles SMR Short Action M5 Bottom Metal DBM for Remington 700 short action or clone actions. Bottom Metal is used and has some wear marks that I tried to show in the pictures. Overall in good shape. Comes with action screws but no pillars. Asking $170.00 shipped
  3. Bjt308

    1 .308 AI aics 10 round and 2 accurate 300 wsm 7 round mags

    Available are one AI brand 10 round .308 mag and two accurate mag 7 round 300 WSM mags. All are used but in good function and condition. Asking $55.00 a piece shipped.
  4. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Dreadtec 24in 308win carbon barrel

    Barrel is threaded for savage small shank so compatible with many different actions. Includes Zermatt arms Invisi-nut barrel nut as well as the special torque wrench. Has about 160 rounds through it over multiple sessions. price is 575 shipped (not looking for trades at this time) If you have...
  5. J

    Savage 308 VLP with Shilen Barrel Accu Trigger.

    Savage 308 VLP with Shilen Barrel and Accu Trigger. Barrel is a heavy, one inch at muzzle bull barrel, 1/10 twist, target crown, 27 inches long. RIfle is bolt action, clip fed, and in very good condition. Rifle comes with a quality one piece Picatinny Rail and no scope. Dies,brass, bullets...
  6. W

    Proof research 20” 308 barrel for Bighorn Origin, 5/8x24 muzzle

    20” proof research carbon .308 win barrel For: Big horn origin 5/8x24 muzzle $700 200 ish round count
  7. JMD82

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Barreled Action

    Decided to sell in order to fund another build. Trued Remington 700 SA, 24” Bartlein M24 contour, 1-10 twist barrel chambered in 308 Win Match. SiCo ASR brake. Seekins 20 MOA base (bedded). 2200 rounds down the tube. Still holds 1/2 MOA with me behind the trigger…I’m not the best group...
  8. R

    Savage Model 12 Target 308 w/ McMillan Stock

    RH Savage Model 12 Target, 308, in McMillan A/TH stock. Picatinny rail w/ American Defense mount and Atlas Bipod. Burris XTR II 8x40x50 Scope 1/8 MOA adj and cant level. Rifle has approx. 800 rounds through it. The stock has been altered to a left hand thumb hole. It could be filled or modified...
  9. S

    What could cause group outliers?

    I have what seems like a good load developed using 178 ELDM bullets with TS 15.5 in Lapua brass but I'm experiencing odd fliers. SD is ~10 fps over a large number of loads and velocity is averaging 2590 fps. On average, out of 4 shot groups (odd number but it's how many my internal mag holds so...
  10. dustinfew

    Scope questions.

    I have a 308 FN SPR with a 6x24x56 MOA crimson trace optic. Weapon zero is at 200 yds, I run out of clicks on the scope close to 1000yards, what can I do to gain additional yardage? I have high rings on the scope, close to 150 clicks up and 100 down is what’s left.
  11. SamuelBerryhill308

    Remage set up

    Hello all I'm wanting to do a diy remage sat up on a remington 700 sa and I'm not sure what would be best way to go about it or what would be the best action wrench and barrel vise to get on a budget as this is going to be a budget build.also who makes good no go/go gauges.also will my stock...
  12. Casimirblue

    SOLD/EXPIRED 308 Precision Rifle

    Accurate Ordnance branded Stiller TAC 30 Short Action (Remington 700 SA Foot Print) ,Pinned Lug, 20MOA Rail,4500 Rounds 308 Winchester Hawk Hill Cut Rifled Barrel M24 Profile, 1:10 Twist, 4 Groove, 24″ Finished Length , 5/8″ x 24 Muzzle Thread, Chamber by Southern Precision (Cookeville TN)...
  13. G

    Remington 5r with Steiner

    Remington 5R 308, timney Calvin elite trigger, magpul dbm, stock is bedded, Steiner t5xi scope, vortex rings, $2700 located in laurel ms
  14. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage VLP w/ SHILEN 28" HEAVY BARREL 308 caliber.

  15. J

    Custom Built AR10/.308

    Selling my recently built AR10. It's basically brand new, I've shot 20 rounds through it, just enough to zero the scope. I built this early this year in anticipation of my brother and I doing some team sniper competitions this year, but he recently had a kid and shooting is nonexistent for him...
  16. Fisher T&C

    SOLD/EXPIRED McGowan Stainless Blanks $170

    I'm selling 3 McGowan unturned stainless barrel blanks for $170 each shipped or $470 for all 3. The blanks are 28" length and 1.250" diameter, each one weighs just over 9 pounds and all are button rifled and lapped free of tooling marks. Shipped UPS Ground, PP, Venmo,USPS Money Order or...
  17. A

    Rock River LAR-8 .308

    Got a LAR-8 .308 Rock River for sale. Has 20 rounds down barrel got it as a trade first owner never fired it. Looking to unload my .308s Ill post a Remington 700 and all my .308 ammo (about 600 rounds PPU match grade and dunno how much once fired brass) as well. Has the original case, manual and...
  18. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington XCR Compact Tactical 308 20”

    XCR Compact Tactical 308. Purchased new, fired approximately 200 Rounds of factory ammo. Shoots sub MOA with factory 168 FGMM. I did have the barrel threaded 5/8x24. This rifle has the 40X trigger. Very good condition, but not perfect. The Trinyte (PVD, or whatever they call it) shows small...
  19. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Gen 2 5R 308 24”

    85201 Remington 700 Gen 2 5R 308 24" threaded 5/8x24. Approximately 175 rounds fired. Excellent condition. Still have original box. $1050 shipped Scope, rings, and base not included but can be for $500 Vortex Viper PST FFP 4-16x50 EBR-1 MOA, Leupold Mark 4 rings, TPS 15 moa rail. *Bipod not...
  20. S

    282x 30cal Sierra 240gr SMK’s

    I know I don’t have any feedback here but I have feedback on arfcom and northwest firearms that I can verify my identity thru if needed. I bought these off a member on my local forum a few months ago while I was preparing for my new 300 Norma but I’m gonna stick with the 199gr Hammer Hunters for...