1. RavenRocksPrecision

    Sierra MatchKing 22cal 77gr w/cannelure - $71.95 / 250ct + new norma 223 Rem brass

    We've restocked on SMK 22 Cal 77gr with cannelure (great for cloning MK262 ammo) They're on sale while supplies last - $71.95 / 250 ct New norma 223 Rem brass is also on sale (up to $92 off 1000ct)
  2. K

    .338 Bullets for sale

    All of these bullets are 300 grain and for sale: - 90 Berger OTM Hybrid tactical - 97 SMK's from one lot - 99 SMK's from another lot $300 for everything and free shipping!
  3. S

    282x 30cal Sierra 240gr SMK’s

    I know I don’t have any feedback here but I have feedback on arfcom and northwest firearms that I can verify my identity thru if needed. I bought these off a member on my local forum a few months ago while I was preparing for my new 300 Norma but I’m gonna stick with the 199gr Hammer Hunters for...
  4. J

    338 edge (by Shawn @ DE)

    I have a rem 700 338 barreled action 30 inch Hart barrel 1/10 twist all work done by Shawn at defensive edge , DE brake , Wyatt's extended magazine box ,DE bubble level and cosine indicator, nightforce 20 moa one piece scope mount , kick-ezz butt pad diamond triggertech trigger,sako extractor ...
  5. C

    1,100 of 6.5 cal Sierra 142 HPBT Matchking

    For sale is a total of 1,100 6.5 cal Sierra 142 gr HPBT MatchKing bullets. Pricing is as follows: 6 - 100 ct boxes @ $32/box + shipping costs. 3 boxes will fit in a small flat rate box for $8, any more than that and they'll ship in a medium flat rate box for $15. 1 - 500 ct box @ $170 shipped...
  6. W

    175 gr 308 bullets

    All sold SMK’s (#2275) Qty 95 $50 This is an unopened box and another 45, SMK’s tipped (#7775) Qty 27: $10 Berger VLD Hunting Qty 73: $25 Shipping will be added to above prices, as they may sell separately or all as one lot.
  7. 3

    .338 EDGE 300 SMK Multiple BC for ExBal

    I just picked up a Dell X5 and installed ExBal on it and started to get it set up. I see several guys use .800 for the BC instead of the published .768. My question: Does anyone use the multiple BC setup or is it best to just try .8? I only have a 26" tube, so the 300SMKs are only doing...