280ai which load for elk?

If the ballistic advantages are vast for the Accubond at 600 yards....maybe! However, the Partition is proven from the muzzle to ranges at which enough velocity is lost to prohibit expansion. If the shot is taken at "hair singeing" distance .....how would the Accubond perform?

My choice, of those two.....the Partition! memtb
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I don't believe there is a wrong choice, as they are both top shelf performers. The ballistics of your loads at 600 yards are a wash. Rank your pick base on accuracy of each load and felt recoil. You can shoot a hundred elk with each load and likely not be able to distinguish the difference in terminal performance between the two.

Good luck with your hunt!
I agree with previous comments on pick the one with the best grouping. Both are good bullets! If they are equal groupings, personally I would go with the heavier accubond. At that distance you can't go wrong with either though.
I have a 280 ai with 2 loads worked up. 150 gn Partition loaded at 3100 fps and 160 gn Accubond loaded to 2930 fps?
Which do I use for elk out to 600 yds.
Well I decided on the 160AB load. I was able to test it out on a small last day bull. Not a trophy but great eating. The range was only 150 yrds but the bullet preformed perfectly. Quartering toward me the bullet went through the leading shoulder and I found it in the off side elbow knuckle. See the pics. Great mushroom. Ineed to weigh it to see how much weight was retained. First blood for the 280ai.


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