280 Ackley Improved load info


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Jan 7, 2011
Note, the OP was from 2011. It's ok to share your data, but lots of improvement since then.
I quit handloading for about 14 years and recently started back. I'm here to learn about these improvements. Any info you'd care to share would be greatly appreciated.


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Feb 3, 2009
My Rem 700 in 280AI likes the 59gr 4831 load with 160gr Nosler Partitions- velocities right at 2900 fps. I use CCI BR-2 primers. Although I may get tighter groups with ABs, the Partitions have killed (and gone completely through) everything at which they've been shot. Sub 1/2" groups are plenty accurate enough for hunting! My rifle was inspected by P. O. Ackley who concluded the original Remington barrel was so concentric he would not recommend changing it. He did recommend recrowning (and bedding the stock) which reduced overall barrel length to 21 inches. He said to expect minor velocity loss but major carrying convenience! One of P.O.'s students, Guy Malmborg performed the work. I've been tickled with this rifle. Easy to carry, gets on target fast and 160gr Partitions at 2900fps work great!!!

PS: I did work up a very accurate load with 140gr Nosler BTs. 4831 and BR-2s gave me right at 3080fps - not bad for a 21 inch barrel!

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