270 win bullet selection


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May 15, 2020
Vale nc
Hello all I'm in process of working up and good load in my late grandfather 270 win that he gave to me and I'm wouldn't about what bullets to use this will be for deer from up close say 15 to 20 yards out to maybe 300 maybe more just depends. I have everything from 130 gr bullets to 150 gr bullets. What makes me hesitant about what bullets to use is in the past with any 270 I've used and people I know have used is for some reason behind shoulder shots result in no expansion and bullets go straight through and I've personally helped track more deer that had been shot with 270 and never found at anything 100 yards and in and this has been my experience more with 270 than any other cartridge. I would like to use 130 gr partition or hammer bullets of some type. What have yall had good luck with from up close to far in 270 with behind shoulder shots? Thanks
I used the 130 grain ballistic tips in my 270 Winchester when I had it. No deer ran more than 30 yards and that one left a blood trail that looked like you threw out buckets of blood but most of them dropped at the shot. It's a super accurate bullet and I had loads using Rl22, IMR 4350, and H4831 that all shot under moa. If I got another 270 then it would be a no brainer, I would go back to the 130 grain ballistic tips unless I was hunting elk or bear.
I have been shooting Hornady Interlocks for deer for over 25 years. I have never lost one. I shoot 150 grain interlocks at 2983 FPS average. I will say you can't go wrong with Nosler ballistic tips, AB's or partitions.
A lot of good hunting bullets to select from for the 270 Win. It and the 30-06 are the easy buttons for deer.