265 ABLR


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Nov 29, 2011
Has anyone successfully developed a load with these? If so with what:

Powder Etc...

No one has any success with the accubond long range 265gr projectile?

I know I tried and didn't......sure would like to get them to work.
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Haven't tried them yet.
I have 338-416 Rigby Improved (my own version) 338WM & 338-06.
So, when I get my hands on some, the Rigby will give them a try, that ALWAYS tells me if a bullet is up for the task...Berger's in it are not.
Don't know if it's worthwhile trying them in the WM. Velocities would be pretty low and the rig I have is not truly LR, but have shot it to 800 in the past.

What cartridge(s) did you work with?

I had good results with my 338 Win Mag. The biggest hurdle was the short mag box, so I had a loooooong jump with these. RL16 and IMR4350 worked well, velocities just under 2500 with 4350 and right around 2550 with RL 16. It was my elk load before I switched over to 210 Hammers.
It's been tried in two 338/7wsms. Some goofy thing I thought was a good idea and had put together for a friend of mine and myself. It runs the 265 and the 270 in the mid to upper middle 2900's. Then a standard 338 lapua. Similar speeds.
Seeing what I typed now makes me wonder if that maybe it's some weird purgatory of it needing to be slower or faster.
Just don't normally go 0/3 like that. Also don't see much on the 265's either. They were the bullet the rifles were put together for. It's shooting 250 Bergers just fine, but I was curious and put it out here to everyone.
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