264 Win Mag. Powders to fill the case?


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Jan 16, 2018
Just curious if anyone has experimented with "ultra mag" powders in the 264 WM. If you look on Nosler and Hodgdon, they list exactly ZERO compressed loads for the cartridge, even for the heaviest of pills at SAAMI length. The slowest powders in their data are Retumbo and IMR8133 though. Nosler lists Ramshot LRT as 100% case capacity, so that's the closest I guess.

Anyone tried anything even slower? BMG or 869 perhaps? RL33 or RL50?

It's ingrained in me to want to fill the case near full with anything I load except plinker loads in pistols.


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Sep 13, 2017
Black Canyon City Arizona
I have tried RL33.
I have a Remington Sendero SFII in 264 Win Mag.

That load looked like this:
74 gr RL33
147 gr Hornady ELDM
Winchester case
Fed GM215M primer
Case length 2.490"
Base to shoulder 2.113"
Base To Ogive 2.767" .010" Jump
COAL 3.365"
3214 FPS

Worked up from 70 grains as no data available for this powder in this cartridge.
I consider RL33 to be too dirty for me to use in my 264.

I abandoned that load in favor of H1000, and RL26.

H1000 gets me to 3100 FPS and 1/4 MOA at 62.7 grains with that lot of powder. (The previous lot was 64 grains.)

RL26 gets me to 3150 FPS at 64 grains with that lot of powder.

All other measurements and dimensions for the cartridge are the same as the RL 33 load.

Worth it to note the CCI250 primers reduce my ES and SD for just about any load where I use RL26. Even in my 30-06.
I have no idea why, so I just go with it.


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Nov 30, 2008
Retumbo, Imr 8133, viht N565 & N570, due to the case capacity and smaller bite, you def want the slower end of powder spectrum.


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