264 win mag ,powders for 100gr.bullets

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by spispeza, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. spispeza

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    Mar 10, 2005
    im getting a 264 win magbuilt on a mauser 98 action,with a 24inch barrel.i know its not a 26 inchorlonger but thegun is cheap,i know the seller.plan on loading hornady 95gr.v-maxs,nosler 100gr.ballistics for varmints.loading 100gr.nosler partitons for antelope,maybe deer.origanal owner shot5 boxes of 140 gr.factory loads which are included.any other comments,suggestions.thanks
  2. Guest

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    The light bullets are good for varmints, but I'd go with the 140 gr. for Deer, etc. To answer your powder question, I've had excellent results with H4831. Glad to see another .264 fan.
  3. Bullseye

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    Dec 15, 2004
    I have been happy with R-22 with both 100 and 120gr bullets. The lot to lot consistency of R-22 isn't the best but I like its performance. In the 100 grain relm I have used it with ballistic tips, partitions and 107 matchkings. I usually get up to 70-71 grains before getting pressure signs and get velocities in the 3700-3800 range. (26 inch barrel)

    Good luck with the new gun!

  4. POP

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    Jul 25, 2001
    I have tried RL 22 and H4831 SC with the 100 gr Nosler partitions. I got 3600 fps but accuracy was over 1". I just stuck with the 125 gr NP's at 3350. Shot a antelope at 501 yds last year. Excellent load!