.264 win Mag Encore


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Jul 30, 2004
I am the proud owner of a new T/C Custom Shop 26" heavy barrel in .264 Win Mag for my Encore. Any suggestions on a good load to start with (deer & yotes at medium to long range)? Also, any tips on improving the trigger pull?
Sambo , their are a few things you can do to improve the trigger on the Encore it all depends on how light you want it. by simply polishing up the three engagement points can help alot and getting the trigger spring sample pack from Mike Bellem you can bring it down a little at a time till you reach the desired pull.
As for the Barrel , first thing I would do is check to see how deep the throat is , I have two Custom Shop barrels and both have pretty short throats.
OH , I forgot to mention that geting a new hinge pin also helps accuracy both the trigger springs and oversized hinge pin are available from Mikes site also a download fo the spring changeing and stoning instructions
here is the link , maybe www.bellmtcs.com
Thanks for the tips. I have a friend who can polish the guts of the trigger, and I have a 1X oversized hingepin from Bellm. The trigger spring sample kit sounds like a good idea. I have determined the COAL to the rifling with the Hornady 129 gr SST, and I plan to work up some loads with it. I had a Win 70 .264 about 12 years ago and let it slip away. Not this time. I'm looking forward to using this flat shooting moderate recoiling round to thin the deer and varmint populations.
I have a .264 Win. Mag. also, but I only shoot 142 SMK's. I'm assuming you'll be using 100's or 120's according to your described uses.

If you want info on the 140/142 grain bullets, let me know.
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