260 AI help.


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Oct 19, 2008
UP of Michigan
I switched powders but can not find data for the powder and bullets that I have left over...what I have.

H4831 SC
130 accubond
140 Amax
140 Berger Hunting VLD
120 Nosler B-tip

I have the noslers and bergers punching beautiful little holes at nearly any range but can not find data for the other two bullets. I have a Savage Action, Shilen 8 twist. Some one point me in a directions please.
I was at 48gr H4831 with the 140gr Hornady SST and had no room left in the case. My rifle is a short action 700 with a factory mag so I couldn't seat the bullets farther out. Velocity wasn't that great either out of my 24" barrel. I switched to H4350 and haven't looked back. There were no pressure signs at all and Hodgdon lists that as the max for the standard 260rem.
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