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  • Hey are you interested in any trades for your lapua brass? Ive got tons of 308 and 50 bmg brass. Thanks

    With that barrel length and on the Rem action I would use H4350 and work up from the Hodgdon load data online. Regarding the 6.5x55 I was loading for it is my shooting partners Tikka. We were able to go up from the max listed safely as those loads are limited to older Mauser actions. Just work up slowly one at a time in incriments until you get pressure signs then back off a little and start tweaking from there. H4350 is also the powder I use in my 260AI
    I saw you had some good 6.5 swede velocities and was wondering what loads you were using.

    My smith is loaning me a nice swede he just finished for himself since my .260ai isn't going to be done for another few weeks and I have a comp to shoot this weekend and don't have much time to get a load developed and my dope for it. The velocities you listed were exactly what I was looking for. This rifle is a blueprinted 700 action with a deeply fluted Rock Heavy Palma contour finished at 24". Appreciate your assistance!

    Please email me at [email protected]

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