25-06/115g NBT/Retumbo


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
Did a bit of shooting this morning with my 25-06. Wanted to try out some 115g NBT's as I needed to find a good deer load with this rifle. Shooting was done at 100 yards, 3 shot groups from 56, 56.5, 57, 57.5, and 58. The sweet spot was 56.5, 57,57.5, they each shot .5" between 3175fps and 3285fps. Am using Winchester brass, Win LR primer, OAL is 3.250"
I will load a few more up and confirm and shoot at 300 and 625 next time out, but I have a feeling there gonna be just fine!!

The rifle, Rem 700 w/24" LV Shilen, 6-18x Leupold w/target knobs.


The target showing 57 and 57.5g of Retumbo w/115g NBT. 56.5g actually shot a bit smaller then both of them, (looked a lot like the 57g load, 2 in 1 hole and the other out a smidge) but I will probly settle on 57 as its in the middle of the node and is still moving 3250fps.

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