224 TTH



Does anybody have any info on this round ? From what i've seen and heard it should have good possibilities as a long range varmint round.
You can read all about it at Texas Trophy Hunters.com, better than a varmint round unless you call deer and hogs that.

If you do a search on here I asked so questions about the best bullet for a 22 cal going that fast. You need to get with S1 for the PRL 103 grainers!!!!!!!
Thanks Texas, you are correct,anything and everything you could possibly want to know is on that site, very interesting reading
Thanks Again ss
I'm planning on having one built for my daughter. Great round, like I said get in touch with S1 about the bullets!!!!!!!!!!

Warren Jensen would be the one to talk to at PRL.

He is extremely knowledgable about his/line of bullets and what barrels and twists to use with them.

He is on this forum from time to time.

I read all the information on that site and all I can say is that its pretty much a 22 CHeetah. Which is still faster than the swift. I think it would be a good round to have for dual purpose. They seem to have good experiences with it on deer and I have seen good things happen with the swift on deer alone. I think it might be one I would build a little later, fast and flat is what I like.
I have a 22/284 with a 30" barrel and 8 twist that shoots very well also.

A few years ago at a shoot out we had here in PA, two shots in a row penitrated a 5" diameter hard wood bowling pin with the 80 gr Sierra bullet. Had many witnesses that didn't believe it until they saw it happen.


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