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Nov 2, 2009
alright guys, any experience with a .223 bushmaster pushing a hornady 68 bthp match with varget or benchmark? looking for 3000 fps. gun is a bushmaster varminter, 24 in barrel w/custom muzzle brake/comp. brass is lake city with a choice of remington match or winchester primers.

.223 Rem 68 gr. Varget {26.0grs} 3000 fps drop 10% for LC case's... this is a max load in my Bush.
i'm guessing the drop is for case volume? you running them compressed and what type of brass? i can use whatever i can buy, i just want to reach targeted velocity with accuracy. i just have thousands of lake city laying around.
I used Winchester brass, yes the 10% powder drop is for Military brass. If you load the 5.56mm Mil L.C brass with Varget {23.4grs} you should reach 3000 fps... easy, keeping in mind that's still a max load and you might want to start a little lower.
went to the range today. loaded 3 @23.0, 23.2 & 23.4 respectively. avg velocities were roughly 2870, 2880 and 2895. first and last groups were 0.60 and the middle was way off. i'm pretty sure i moved a bit. still not what i was looking for. any other recommendation to push a 68 gr bthp 3000 fps with a 1/2" group? cost isn't really an issue. new brass, different powder, different shooter, whatever it takes.
quick update. switched to winchester brass and remington bench rest primers. got 2920 fps with 25.2 grains of varget and 2915 with 23.1 grains of benchmark. all loaded to 2.260. waiting for the wind to go down for some group therapy.
If you run out of 68gr'ers; you might try this one in your 223 Rem;
65gr. SPT, Win case, Powder Hodgdon H-335 {25.0gr} Primer CCI #41 {for the gas guns} and Rem 71/2 for bolts, The vel‘s run at 2950 fps from the AR’ a little better in the bolt rifles… it tracks right out with the M855 ammo from an AR15/M4
It's a super load'.., an it can be pushe to 3000 fps.
actually, that should have read 3020 & 3015 fps. don't know what i was thinking. i haven't heard any good things about the heavier bullets and benchmark but it meters so much better and is barely a compacted load. the varget was putting a rign aroung the bullet from the seating die.
Pressure ring on your bullets after seating? Are you using the roll crimp in your seating die? If yes; and the crimp is in the seating die; it's sound like it's set to heavy'..., even though it's a compressed. You might try using a LEE factory crimp die and a drop tube with the Varget powder as well as the Benchmark.
i'm using a RCBS seating die. the ring comes from the minor diameter of the seating cone from the pressure of the compacted load. it doesn't do it with the benchmark powder, which is quite a bit less.
went to the range yesterday for some group therapy on the varget and benchmark and honestly, they sucked. 1.5 in or worse groups. i'm going to try some h335. anyone have any experience with AA2460, aa2495 or AA2520? Accurate's load info show max loads around 3000 fps with a 69 gr bullet. this gun has shot Ultramax 52 match bullets at 1/2 to 5/8 inch groups at 100 yards all day. i'd stick with them but the stink out past 300 yards and have been somewhat hard to find.
I don't believe you've ever said what your barrel twist was... You might be marching up hill in both directions. Your getting into some heavy bullets and high vel's for some twist rates.
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