Hornady .224 cal 68 gr BTHP with IMR 4064


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Aug 4, 2009
I'm trying to find an accurate load for my AR, and I thought I'd try IMR 4064 and Hornady's 68 gr BTHP. I've heard good things about both. However, I can't find load data for this powder and bullet. When I went to IMR's site they did have start and max load for a 69 gr sierra BTHP, I believe max was 24 grains.

So, anyone see a problem with me loading this bullet with 23.0 grains of 4064?
Should not be a problem. I usually shoot 24g of IMR 4064 with the 69 sierra or nosler. You should be good to go, and can probably work your load up as you see how you rifle likes the combo. It should be a very accurate load when you get it tweeked out.
Thanks, I figured as much, but I still had to ask someone. I'll post my group results after my next trip to the range.
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