6mm br loads,,68 gr bullet


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May 24, 2011
I recently got a 6mm BR custom rifle. Rem 700 action..Lilja 3 groove 1/14 twist bbl..5 oz trigger...and have had excellent results with this load for bench rest shooting at 100 yds. (the longest range our club has)...i have been getting one hole 5 shot groups @ 100 yds.
..some ragged..but all touching The load is as follows: 68 gr Berger BT...Remington BR primers...29.9 grs. IMR 4895.
.010 off the rifling. Minimal recoil...great case life ...minimal fouling.
This load is a pleasure to shoot and seems to be very good for this custom combination of mine...70 gr Bergers are almost as good with 28 grs of 4895. Nice to have 2 loads that really are on target. Enjoy.....Lowall
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