2011 LRH Hunt with Tyler Sims-Results

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    Mar 10, 2006
    We got out to Tylers and I was very pleased with his new camp. It was set up very well to handle all of the hunters comfortably.
    Due to the economic situation, 6 of the LRH'ers had to cancel ,
    so it was just me and my buddy Pat ,and Dustin and his dad from LRH.
    Good news is that Tyler was able to book other hunters to fill the empty spots.

    It was a pleasure hunting with Dustin and his dad, Danny. They are both seasoned hunters and very good shooters as well. They did a great job out there , but have very different methods.

    Dustin is like most of us and dials in the yardage for each shot. He he was very successful and took two antelope over 500yds.
    I'll let him tell you the details.

    Danny is like the old saying."Beware of the man with one gun"
    He shoots an old sporter 7mm mag with a duplex retical.
    He has gotten to know that rifle/scope combo like a good old friend.
    He has practiced holding over by referencing the retical and knows where to hold for any given range out to about 650yds.
    We shot and he was able to fine tune his references for the conditions of the hunt.
    In fact he put a bullet right behind the shoulder at about 630yds.

    I wasn't fortunate enough to draw a doe tag so I only had one opportunity.
    I had two goals: One was a good buck and two was a long range kill.

    It was impossible for the two opportunities to occour at the same time.

    I hunted hard for two and a half days, and drove my guide Troy crazy by passing up buck after buck, but just couldn't get it to happen.
    I finally got a the best buck I saw on the last afternoon and shot him through the heart at 350yds.

    In fact it completely blew off the top half of his heart an dropped him on the spot.
    His prongs start at 4" above the ear so he scored pretty well. Troy rough scored him at about 76inches.

    My buddy Pat had a doe tag and he was able to take a doe at 820yds with my rifle.
    So at least I got a long range assist .LOL
    He also took a 77inch buck.

    It was a great hunt and would gladly hunt with Dustin and Danny again

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  2. Dirty Steve

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    Dec 1, 2006
    That is a respectable goat. My son and I had blast hunting with Troy. Wish we could have gone out again this year, but my oldest son is in college/Army NG now and has zero time and my youngest isn't old enough to go yet.

    Saw the new place last year and it looked like a good set-up. Not that Tyler's house wasn't a good set-up, but a man needs some privacy.

    Congratulations on the kills.

    Dirty Steve
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    Dec 28, 2010
    Nice Goat.
  4. cummin_un_glued

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    Nov 27, 2010
    My dad and I had a great time hunting with Tyler. It was nice to get to meet Rocco and Pat both are top notch guys and we plan on hunting together with them again. Tylers lodge is plenty nice and everyone working for Tyler is very accommodating. Jody fixed great food every morning and night, I think I gained 5 lbs at least. We seen hundreds of goats every day and passed on at least a hundred bucks each.

    I took a doe at 596 with a full value 15mph wind and dad took his at 630 with 0 wind. I didnt take any pics of them on my phone so i dont have them to load but Tyler did take pics of them.

    My buck i took at 530 yards with a 20mph wind from 11 o'clock, and dad took his at 225 yards with no wind. I wanted to take a doe at 800+ but wind conditions just didnt allow for it.


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