Two more goats down w/Tyler Sims

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    Took my 17 year old son for his first western big game hunt. He put a 14" goat down the second day. After a 100 yard sneak and a 100 yard "belly and face in the cactus" crawl, Jake put the .243 over his pack, snuggled into the small rear bag and put 1 behind the shoulder from 300 yards. He put another one in him an inch from the first at 380 yards for good measure. The first was a killing shot, but the buck was still on his feet. The 95 gr. Hornaday SST was devastating. I was proud of his shooting. He had to show me up by shooting a bigger goat at longer range. I dumped a 13" freak the next day at a mere 200 yards. Truth be told, I didn't care if I killed a goat at that point. This trip was for him. I can honestly say we saw over 500 goats per day and did nothing but window shop the first day. The goats we killed were merely average. We saw several 15" goats and a guy leaving when we arrived killed a 16" that rough scored 84" BC.

    I can't say enough about Tyler's operation. We were treated well, feed well, teased and had a great time every minute of each day. For selfish reasons, I'd like to keep it quite, but Tyler's operation deserves praise. Our guide for the hunt, Troy Laird, was fantastic with my son and was honestly just as exceited when he killed his goat. He made the crawl with Jake and coached him through the shot while I sat back out of sight and listened for the tell-tale bang-smack. The most rewarding part of the hunt for me was seeing the joy in my son when he killed his goat as Troy was jumping around with him. Hearing my son say "Dad, this is the best time I've ever had" made the trip.

    If I knew how to post a picture, I'd put some up.

    Dirty Steve
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    Awesome story!
    I can't wait to see the pics.
    I really enjoy hunting with Tyler, Troy and the gang.
    They are all a great bunch of guys and very fun to hunt with.
    I think I will get us LRH guys together for a hunt next year.
    I may be able to get us all a pretty good deal, since I've hunted with Tyler for three years now
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