2009 WA Blacktail


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Jan 22, 2006
Skagit Valley WASHINGTON
This is actually the opposite of "long range" but here goes...Work has been pretty hectic and I this was only my second day to hunt and it would be my last available day in the general season. I went into a small clear cut that my wife's cousin had told me they had seen some does and a small spike the day before. I eased out the skid road between the timber and clearcut and just about the end of the road I saw this nice buck about 25 yards away. I watched throught the scope and made sure he had at least two points (legal requirement) and eased back down his neck to just in front of his shoulder and squeezed the trigger on my Kimber 300WSM. The 180 AB went through his neck, broke the front opposite shoulder and came to rest just under the skin. He never knew I was there and hit the ground dead. This is by far my best blacktail and the pictures don't do him justice. He has great bladed eyeguards, which is rare for a blacktail and thick gnarly bases with a lot of junk. The hair between his bases had bark chips, so he was obviously beginning to rut. It was a very good morning!



That sir, is a very fine blacktail! Congratulations!!!

I don't think a lot of people realize how tough it can be to hunt blacktail, and coming up with a real nice one like that is rare. Good job!

Regards, Guy

Nice buck! Congratulations!

Funny how we spend so much time preparing for that long shot and then the short shot presents itself...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I grew up on the wet side of Washington and hunted them since I was nine and have only seen a handful of bucks in this class and I don't ever remember one this heavy. It's funny, my buddy and I have spent a lot of time, money, and energy gaining the equipment and skills to shoot long range and he shot a big 6 point bull in the timber at 40 yards and I shot this one at 25. Oh well, you've got to shoot them where they are!
My buddy shot a cow elk with his bow earlier this year that only dressed 154 at the butcher. That buck of yours is just an all round horse of a deer.:D
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