2 Rifles, 2 Calibers, 2 Bergers, 2 shots, 2 dead deer


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Dec 27, 2009
South Central PA
Well my 2009 hunting season was not what i hoped it to be. After getting some very nice pictures on the scouting camera i wa very happy but after 16 days of hunting in November none of the big boys wanted to show up. I had seen several smaller 8 points that need another year or two but nothing that i wanted to shoot. Going down there i had two goals in mind 1 to shoot a nice buck, and 2 to shoot a deer over 500 yards. Well it was the last day i was going to be there and i decided it was time to try a shot at one of those deer at over 500yds. Some come out and crossed the powerline too early for me to shoot. Then a couple more does come out but did not stop. I was getting frustrated and wanted to get a shot at one but they had different plans. Normally i would see the same 6 deer cross up there every morning and all 6 had already crossed so i thought my oppratunity was lost but then 3 more walked out and again none of them would stop. Growing more and more frustrated i tried to calm myself. About 10 minutes later 3 more came out the first two walked straight across but before the third one got out of sight she stopped and no sooner than she stop i settled the crosshairs on her sholder and squeezed the trigger. My Weatherby MKV chambered in 7mmSTW sent that 168Grain Berger VLD at 3230FPS straight toward her. I got back in the scope fast enough to see her do a flip and try to run but the Berger had already did its job and she just went down. 580Yards and one perfectly placed Berger bullet.

The second was actually quiet interesting I was testing a new load in my 234 Super Rockchucker and where we shoot at there is a large bean field. Well one time i come out of the house after loading some and there were some deer in the field. I did not think nothing of it and continued to shoot my group. I went back inside and told my neighbor about the deer and said i guess i should have shot one to see how these Berger hunting bullets work on deer and he agreed that i should have. So i loaded me a couple more and went back out there and the deer had come back out i called in and had him come out and spot for me. The yardage was just at 300yards and i put the crosshairs at the top of her back. The 95g Berger Hunting bullet went screaming at her at over 3500FPS and when it got there she just dropped. Shot hit just under the spine but still dropped her in her tracks. Funny thing is my neighbor was looking through the binocs and when i turned around to look at him he lowered the binocs and with a straight face said "you missed her"




This is the exit hole for the one shot with the 243SRC i did not take any pictures of this deer it was too cold and windy i just wanted to get her skinned and cut up.

i second the 7stw with the 168 bergers...thats what i shoot with great results!

Yea i have 2 of them and love them but im trying to raise the funds to build a 6.5mm STW on the Rem 700 action i have. Please if anyone wants to donate to the cause just let me know and ill give you the address where you can send the checks:D:D
Nice work.

I too love my 7 stw. I built mine almost 20 years ago after i read the Shooting Time article out of a Remington model 700. I put a douglas premium barrel on it, a custom graphite stock and a 3-9 Zeiss scope. Nothing fancy but it shoots 160 grain sierras with H1000 into a ragged hole at 100 yards.

Since then I have shot many moose, deer, elk and other assorted things with very good results. I love it because i call it my "point and shoot gun" its hard to miss with.

I also built a 358 sta. Its ok but definately not as "reliable" as the stw.\
I haven't tried the 168 gr Bergers in my STW but the 140 grns Bergers are amazingly accurate and kill like nothing I have seen before. The 140 grn Accubonds are no slouch either.
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