2.5-10X or 6-24X



Looking at replacing the scope on my 270 win. I want to go to a mil-dot reticle and found a few that fit my price range. My shots will go to 800 yards. What kind of magnifaction do you guys like and why. The 2 scopes at the top of my list are the same except one is a 2.5-10 and the other is a 6-24. Which one should I get?
I like more mag so would suggest the 6X24. I hunt LR with a 6X24 Elite 4000scope. Worked well for me this season.

I get the odd short range shot. Will I be unhappy with only being able to go down to 6X? Is it easyer to range with the mil-dot at higher mag (24 vs 10)?

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I've got a 6.5x20 and have shot deer inside 50 yards, the only time I have any problems finding them is when they are flat out hauling butt. I'd have to agree with Jerry it's nice to have the extra magnification when you want it.
I like the leupold 8.5x25 for the long range
game.You roll it up and it hits what you are aiming on, you roll it back down and it still hits what you are aiming on.This scope is great for long range, might be a little difficult at close range.
If you are going to use this rifle just for long shots I would go with the 6x24 but if you are going to shoot short range and long range from 10 to 800 yards go with the 2.5x10X.
Crow Mag
Thanks. Is ranging with the mil-dot at a higher power better than lower power (24 vs 10)?
Harv. On Milling it depents on what scope you have. Some of the scopes with mill dots only work at the max power setting for milling. Some of the newer ones work from 3.5 to 10 power.

Thanks for all the replies. I think I am leaning towards the 2.5-10. I have some time so will research some more before I decide.
I put a Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5-10 on my 257 Weatherby. I wish I had got something with the target turrets, but I am happy otherwise. Not a real long range set-up but I did get to the clay pigeons at 710 yards and the 6" x 8" steel plates at 920. The pigeons were a little small and I would of liked some more zoom for them, but they are a lot smaller than a deer. I went with the 2.5-10 because this is an all around gun and light gathering ability in the woods in early morning was important to me. For open country, afternoon hunting I would have went for more magnification.
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