140gr TTSX 3280fps


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Jan 25, 2020
Looking to see what you guys would do. I have a rem 700 in 7mm rem mag and am doing a load development up for it with Barnes 140gr TTSX. Been working up in safe increments and am not getting any pressure signs at all. I’m using H1000.
I have found a good load SD of 5.8. ES of 13. 3280 fps. It was at the end of my ladder and no pressure. Group was 1/2 vertical and it spread diagonal up to the right to be a 1” group.
If it was you would you stay there and play with seating depth and tighten that group up and be content with that or would you keep loading more powder till you reach max. My dilemma is the best SD and group is at the end of my ladder. Makes me curious to see what the next powder charges bring for data. On the other hand am I being glutinous and should be happy with that? Or change primers up to see what happens.
There is a ton of great info on this sight and I respect opinions more experienced than me so thank you for your input and advise.