7MM STW and 140gr Barnes TTSX bullets


Mar 27, 2006
Has anyone used the Barnes 140gr TTSX bullets in the 7MM STW. I have been using the Nosler 140gr Ballistic Tip and when I purchased the Barnes bullets the owner of the gunshop mentioned that for the best accuracy he had heard that the seating depth had to be changed so there was a jump to the rifling. I have been using H1000 with my ballistic tips and have been seating them just off the rifling. If anyone has any input I would appreciate it. It looks like it would be a good bullet to use even though I never had any problems with the Ballistic Tips out to 600 yards, might be a case of trying to improve a really good load.
The Barnes website lists their proposed ideal seating depths for the TSX and during the course of my own research. I would agree. I can't rember what the jump is but it was somewhere between 30 and 40 thou which is not a great deal. Accuracy with the TSX is usually very good but as usual, inividual rifles will give varied results. I have used the 140 grain Barnes in the &mmRM and 7mmRUM. Even pitted it against the .375 H&H loaded with conventional 270-300 grain bullets. The Barnes out did the big bullets- no surprises there I suppose.

You will most likely find that the Barnes is a little too stout for lean bodied deer out beyond 250 yards or so- best for tough or rather densly muscled animals.
I shot a few boxes of the 140 TSX/TTSX from my STW and started load developement with .040 jump. That has worked for my in their 257 and 30 cal line as well.
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