115 7/8 Sonora Coues


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Oct 5, 2009
330 yard shot on my 10 plus year old Coues. Shot him with my 30 Hart loaded with 190 Berger bullets. I ranged him at 673 yards and told my guide that I was going to move back to an even 700 yard and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me we needed to get closer. I looked the buck over a little more and watched the wind and decided it was smarter to get closer, so we made about a mile run around a canyon and came up a ridge and top out on a nice spot for a shot.
Congrats on your huge Coues!

Just curious...any problems in Mexico? I have friends that have hunted down there for years on their lease. They have invited me to come join them, but they have yet to return to their lease. The last two years they have stayed home, largely due to the lack of safety, reported kidnappings, etc. They say they have never seen it this bad and will not venture south until some law & order is re-established. Obviously, you had a great experience in Sonora. Did you have any concerns, or did your host give any indication of trouble, or special instructions when coming down?
Sonora is a good place to go and we had no problems, and hunters should not have problems. The problems are drug-related, and the Shot was 330 yards.
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