1000 yard scope USO, Nightforce....??????

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Having a dillema that may be some of you guys might want to help me out with.

Currrently I have a Loopy 8.5 x 25 x 50 LRM1 on my 6.5-284, I'm looking to step up to better glass, Kind of disapointed in the loopy.
I pretty much had my mind made up on the NSX 5.5-22X50 thats coming out in June, Then Sniper Hide in the optics forum has a smoking deal on a SN-3 3.8-22x44, I want a min of 22 on the top end.

Iv'e looked through the NSX 15 pwr scope with NPR2 ret, One word awsome , what would you guys go with and why.
A NSX will cost you about $1300??

The deal on SH is about $1650 for the USO??

No offence to NF, but John III is giving a great deal there!! One thing is that SN-3 doesnt have a side focus. I dont like that about it.

I saw that deal, and if I didnt have to pay Uncle Sugar $8 grand last month, I would be all over that US Optics SN-3.
...sakofan..Good luck with your decsion!
NXS R2 5.5-22x56

The thing tracks with perfect .25 MOA clicks, reticle is perfectly calibrated in MOA and they both work! And it has the side focus I use all the time to check mirage at various ranges, no way I'd be without it either. NF customer service can't be topped IMO.
USO deal over at the hide wins hands down; the deal JW3 has going is great and will get you a lot more scope for just a few more dollars compared to Nightforce. Better glass with better resolution, color, and clarity. Stronger construction. ERGO objective functions just like the parallax knob on other scopes, and makes for a stonger scope. You are buying American with USO and their customer service is outstanding since JW3 took over the reins.

Plus, you are supporting a firm that looks out for the shooting community - this is the secong price break JW3 has given due to demand - what has Nightforce done for the community other than make sure its dealers don't advertise lower prices other than full retail ones recommended by the factory?

USO wins this one by a landslide; once you go up to USO you will never go back - their products are that good IMHO.

SCL in Bogota

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SCL, would expand on the statment you made about the ERGO adjustment, please. I find that interesting.

"ERGO objective functions just like the parallax knob on other scopes, and makes for a stonger scope." A quote by SCL.

Thank you, sakofan....
Both turret type systems a la the Loopy MK4 and the USO Ergo will do the job, but the ERGO and front obj lens systems offer finer adjustment, less mechanical systems to fail (i.e. less moving parts inside the tube/turrets to fail), and readings on the ERGO knob with the left eye while liiking through the glass with the right eye is easier for me than on a turret.

Overall I think its a better system - I used to be a turret lover when I used the the MK4's, but after comparing USO to Loopy the quality of the glass was so much better I begrudgingly went along with the ERGO objective rather than a turret. I am glad I did andf have no regrets whatsoever. After using the scope two times at the range the transition from turre to ERGO was made.

I hope this helps - the USO catalog might have more info of a detailed technical nature; all of the above IMHO only.

SCL in Bogota
Now that you have made your decision to purchase pro-grade optics, I hope you get a chance to use it. Apparently, and according to a recent post, Angeles Shooting Range has limited their steel targets to 400 yards. All of their other targets have been taken down for the fire season. THE FIRE SEASON! WHAT A JOKE! Those targets have been there for 30 years and this is the first time I have heard, FIRE SEASON. Fire season my Tuchas.
Tuchas *** is a Tuchas, Sounds like something you use for hemeroids.
I know its ***, Just don't be calling it a frigging tuffet, or Ill'e start calling you Mr. muffet Sir.

I obtained an USO from SH ,SN-3,3.5-17 with a horus H-25 reticle and I couldn't be more satisfied.Ultra clear,high qulality optic built like a tank.Well worth the cash which if I ever were tempted could always get back what I paid for it probably a little more.
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I have many USO's and once you use them is is tough to step backwards. The SN3 is a very good platform and you will not regret going that route.
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