$100.00 Handheld Ballistic Computer in Precision Shooting Magazine

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Has anyone else seen the article? What do you think? Can't remember the web address but will post it later, the article is there too I think.

    It moniters BP, temp, etc and is modifying drop chart display constantly. Sounds quick and simple but I wonder how accurate the program is? Only one way to find out I suspect.

    I could not find the article there.

    The program it seems is $100. and the hand held unit is extra from what I gather. I know so little about the computer gadgets they're talking about I'm not sure I could even use one unless I watched someone else use it first, so it might be a while for me.

    Maybe you all will have a field day with it though and let us all know how it works.


    It's under "Products" in the top banner on their page.

    And how about that angle measuring device too? $$$...

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