1 shot 2 kills


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Sep 23, 2003
This was taken this morning at my hunting lease. I got these two with one shot from a hair over 500 yards away shooting down hill into the wind. I got 8 more too and spent a whole mag on all of them because I wasted a few trying to get my windage down, but it just doesn't get any better than this.

Here's a few more full sized pics of this mornings hunt including some antelope we can't shoot. If we could they would be wiped out in a matter of minutes as brave as they are.
I think the headshot was first and the heart shot was behind it but I'm not sure. I was aiming at the head on one of them and hoping to hit the other too. http://www.dansshootingsupply.com/photogallery/picgallery/orkin2.jpg http://www.dansshootingsupply.com/photogallery/picgallery/antelope.jpg http://www.dansshootingsupply.com/photogallery/picgallery/antelope%20herd.jpg
Two foxes courting? Did you at least have the decency to let him finish?


PS I suppose that, as you squeezed the trigger, you thought,"You're f*#$ed now!"

Nice pictures. Looks like one picture was shot through the windshield.

Man, that's the flatest country I've seen lately. BM

You must mean the antelope. A few were shot through the windshield. You should have seen that guy running alongside the truck before he ct in front and went under the fence. Boy was that a sight! They have a few hundred of them out there and no open season on them. That really sucks!
It is pretty flat around here. The lubbock area is bassicly just a big plateau. This place is riht on the edge and starts to get hilly on one end of the property.
That's funny with the foxes. A freind of mine a few years ago got two deer like that. He didn't let them finish.
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