1. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED 16.5” custom 6.5 saum package

    Built by Deep South Tactical in Mississippi. This is the 2nd rifle they've built me and it's a dream to shoot. Very little recoil and it's accurate. I haven't even finished load development and it'll shoot 1" groups with a fluctuation of 8gr of powder, different bullets, different seating depths...
  2. Pariah

    SAUM Loaders help

    My Hornady Body Die measures .540" across at the base NOT .550". What does your Die measure? Brand?
  3. S

    6.5 saum/gap bushing die set

    Anybody have a 6.5 saum/gap die set they’d sell? Preferably the Redding bushing set with the competition seater? Figured I’d ask before I placed an order online
  4. IdahoHunter208

    WTS Bighorn 28 Nosler Manners EH1 Bartlein

    Selling my practically brand new 28 Nosler. Only 76 total rounds fired which included the barrel break in and initial load development with 2 different bullets (195gr Berger EOL and 180gr Hornady ELD-M). All work was done by the well-known gunsmith, Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool...
  5. wildwilderness

    Where to start 35 SAUM

    I have been contemplating my first wildcat, a 35 SAUM (300 necked up). For those who know where do you start load development? I am planning two loads- a 200 gr TTSX, and a heavy 275 gr Woodleigh PP. based on case capacity it looks to be similar to the 350 Rem Mag, and the 35 Whelen. Can I...
  6. R

    NEW, 6.5 SAUM, LonePeak, Brux, Hawkins, Barreled Action

    For sale New 6.5 Saum/GAP 4S Barreled action. Lone Peak Razor Action, Brux #4 1:8 twist 24 inch straight fluted barrel, Hawkins side port muzzle break, Black Cerakote. All work done by SS Rifles Colorado. .120 HS. I ordered this barreled action in February and during the long wait I ended up...
  7. Braunschweiger

    6.5 SAUM - Was it a wise choice for Western hunting?

    I had a custom 6.5 SAUM built by a very well known smith in MO. Firstly, rifle is incredible... he did a great job. It's a Bighorn Arms Origin action, Proof Research 26' Sendero threaded barrel, Wyatt's 300 WSM DBM, Triggertech Special Trigger, and Stocky's Carbon Fiber Long Range v2 stock...
  8. B


    Does anyone know of an actual 10 round mag for a saum, short mag, or prc diameter case? I have done a little digging around and have not found one. I used a 7 round to shoot a PRS match last fall and felt like I lost a lot of points not having those extra 3 shots. I figured with the 6.5 prc, 6.5...
  9. T

    Why so many 6.5 saum's for sale?

    Just interested to hear why so many people are selling 6.5 saum rifles? A look in the for sales and there seems to be loads over the last few months. I am a little concerned that I may be missing something as I have one being built shortly. Interested to hear why.
  10. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Short action MAGNUM conversion parts

    Looking for pretty much all parts necessary to make my short action 12 a short action magnum. magnum push feed bolt head (savage or PTG), front baffle, correct firing pin assembly, WSM/Saum mag box and follower Thanks! Joel
  11. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB (All Used) : APA Fat Bastard, Remmy SA Bolt w/ MAG bolt Face

    Hello, Looking to buy USED parts for a 6.5 SAUM build I'm working on. APA Fat Bastard Short action remington 700 bolt with magnum bolt face Thanks!