1. wildwilderness

    Where to start 35 SAUM

    I have been contemplating my first wildcat, a 35 SAUM (300 necked up). For those who know where do you start load development? I am planning two loads- a 200 gr TTSX, and a heavy 275 gr Woodleigh PP. based on case capacity it looks to be similar to the 350 Rem Mag, and the 35 Whelen. Can I...
  2. R

    NEW, 6.5 SAUM, LonePeak, Brux, Hawkins, Barreled Action

    For sale New 6.5 Saum/GAP 4S Barreled action. Lone Peak Razor Action, Brux #4 1:8 twist 24 inch straight fluted barrel, Hawkins side port muzzle break, Black Cerakote. All work done by SS Rifles Colorado. .120 HS. I ordered this barreled action in February and during the long wait I ended up...
  3. Braunschweiger

    6.5 SAUM - Was it a wise choice for Western hunting?

    I had a custom 6.5 SAUM built by a very well known smith in MO. Firstly, rifle is incredible... he did a great job. It's a Bighorn Arms Origin action, Proof Research 26' Sendero threaded barrel, Wyatt's 300 WSM DBM, Triggertech Special Trigger, and Stocky's Carbon Fiber Long Range v2 stock...
  4. B


    Does anyone know of an actual 10 round mag for a saum, short mag, or prc diameter case? I have done a little digging around and have not found one. I used a 7 round to shoot a PRS match last fall and felt like I lost a lot of points not having those extra 3 shots. I figured with the 6.5 prc, 6.5...
  5. T

    Why so many 6.5 saum's for sale?

    Just interested to hear why so many people are selling 6.5 saum rifles? A look in the for sales and there seems to be loads over the last few months. I am a little concerned that I may be missing something as I have one being built shortly. Interested to hear why.
  6. jmcmath

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Short action MAGNUM conversion parts

    Looking for pretty much all parts necessary to make my short action 12 a short action magnum. magnum push feed bolt head (savage or PTG), front baffle, correct firing pin assembly, WSM/Saum mag box and follower Thanks! Joel
  7. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB (All Used) : APA Fat Bastard, Remmy SA Bolt w/ MAG bolt Face

    Hello, Looking to buy USED parts for a 6.5 SAUM build I'm working on. APA Fat Bastard Short action remington 700 bolt with magnum bolt face Thanks!

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