WTS Bighorn 28 Nosler Manners EH1 Bartlein


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Jul 7, 2019
Boise, Idaho
Selling my practically brand new 28 Nosler. Only 76 total rounds fired which included the barrel break in and initial load development with 2 different bullets (195gr Berger EOL and 180gr Hornady ELD-M). All work was done by the well-known gunsmith, Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool (chambering, muzzle threading, glass bedding, and timing trigger).

The only reason I am selling it is because I want to build a lightweight 7 SAUM or 7SS on a short action with short barrel that I can swap into my TL3 6CM MDT ACC chassis so I can try my luck at a ELR match next year.

Weight = 8.4lbs (Perfect balance of weight and recoil even without a muzzle brake)

  • Bighorn / Zermatt SR3 Long Action
  • Medium Tang w/ Wyatt’s Extended Cut
  • 20 MOA rail
  • TriggerTech Special Curved (timed and set @ ~1.5lbs)
  • Manners EH1 – Elite TAC Swamp Molded w/ 1” Recoil Pad
  • Aluminum pillars and glass bedded
  • Hawkins Oberndorf BDL and Wyatt’s Extended mag box
  • Sling studs – 2 front and 1 rear
  • Bartlein SS 5R cut rifling 3B contour
  • Finished at 25.5”
  • 1:8 twist
  • Threaded muzzle 5/8x24 with blended thread protector
  • Chambered specifically for 180-195gr bullets
Extras Included:
  • 28 Nosler Modified Case
  • 50ct ADG brass (30 twice fired, 16 once fired, 4 virgin brass that I used as dummy rounds)
  • Redding Type S Full Length Bushing Die (no bushings included)
  • Forster Bench Rest Seating Die
Asking $3,050 for the full package (rifle, brass, dies) shipped to your FFL of choice. PayPal F&F or PayPal G&S and you pay the %. Is also posted also on snipershide.com as well as locally on zidaho.com. Not going to separate the brass/dies unless the rifle sells first.

Only trades I would be possibly interested in: Lightweight 7 SAUM / 7SS preferably on a TL3 SA, OR partial trade for Proof CF .284 18”, 20” or 22” OR TL3 SA w/ mag bolt face


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